“Making driving beautiful”: those new Volkswagen ad campaigns

Conflict of interest disclosure time:  I’ve been a sucker for Volkswagens since the day my Dad drove home that new 1960 VW microbus. I later drove VWs for 26 years – yes, even when I worked in PR for Mercedes-Benz, enduring merciless teasing as I putt-putted my VW into the Benz staff parking lot each morning.

I’ve also been a mega-fan of Volkwagen advertising over many years. Remember the classic 1960s Beetle ad that asked: “Did you ever wonder how the man who drives the snowplough gets to the snowplough?”

Or even before then, the signature Think Small campaign created by Manhattan’s  Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) agency in the 1950s? This VW ad series, in fact, was ranked as the best advertising campaign of the twentieth century by Advertising AgeContinue reading