Vintage Christmas ads we’ll likely never see again

Happy Christmas, little consumers! Since retailers first figured out the link between the power of advertising and subsequent sales, they’ve used ads to guide our Christmas gift shopping choices – like this 1939 ad for a Colt Officer Model Match handgun.  Here are a few other ad examples we’re not likely to see this season . . . . Continue reading

How many of these 20 advertising slogans can you complete?

Welcome to today’s pop quiz and nostalgic trip down marketing’s memory lane, courtesy of sloganeer Eric Swartz at Tagline Guru, and Brad Phillips over at Ragan’s PR Daily.  As Brad explains:

“Most of you will answer more than half of these, and some of you will complete all 20. Your ability to instantly recall so many of those advertising slogans is a testament to two things: message consistency and message repetition.”

See how well you can complete these ad slogans (answers are below):  Continue reading

Vintage ads we’ll never see again

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In these old vintage print ads, consumers learned that “babies who start drinking sodas have a higher chance of ‘fitting in’ during those awkard pre-teen years” and that parents should “start babies on a strict regimen of cola and other sugary carbonated beverages right now for a lifetime of guaranteed happiness!” Continue reading

“I can’t afford to be SKINNY”

A 1965 ad for Wate-On, featuring legendary movie actress Raquel Welch (then a 25-year old starlet acting in her first film, “A Swingin’ Summer”):

“An attractive feminine figure is a movie star’s main requisite. It’s the man’s way of judging a woman. An undernourished looking body with no flowing figure-line may spell oblivion to a popular social life . . . and may now be unnecessary.

“Clinical tests have proved the value of Wate-On as a food supplement for underweights in normal health whose skinny-ness has been diagnosed as not due to disease.

“Taken as directed, Wate-On can supply extra calories needed to add attractive pounds and inches and help get rid of that thin and skinny appearance.”