Take this Dove Real Beauty Mirror Test


If you liked my last post here at The Ethical Nag about the new Dove Beauty Patches campaign, you’ll love this #TrueBeauty parody, produced by the creative team at Above Average (the comedy video network that’s part of the Broadway Video production family behind SNL, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Portlandia).


Vintage Christmas ads we’ll likely never see again

Happy Christmas, little consumers! Since retailers first figured out the link between the power of advertising and subsequent sales, they’ve used ads to guide our Christmas gift shopping choices – like this 1939 ad for a Colt Officer Model Match handgun.  Here are a few other ad examples we’re not likely to see this season . . . . Continue reading

How to make mediocre coffee that’s expensive and wasteful

Pity the poor office coffee pot, which is, generally speaking, a disgusting sight. The typical staff room coffee pot sits there, slowly simmering, until the dregs are finally discarded. Some people (you know who you are!) pour the last of the coffee, then scurry away quickly without bothering to clean the pot, refill the filter basket, tidy up countertop spills, or start a fresh pot for co-workers. The coffee grounds in the big soggy filter basket sit there neglected, waiting for the Coffee Fairy (or your mother) to come in and clean it all up.

Enter the single-serve coffeemaker system.  Continue reading