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Here’s the required fine print and disclaimer you need to know in order to avoid the urge to sue me later on (and yes, this means you, Skadden Arps  Slate Meagher & Flom!)   The information on this site is not intended to substitute for medical advice. Consult your own physician about your health concerns. Do not stop or start taking any prescription medications based on what you read here. I am not a doctor, although I have worked with them for many years and really like most of them.

Your private information should be kept private. If you contact me via this site, your e-mail address will be revealed to me, but I respect your right to privacy and won’t misuse, lend, sell or do anything evil with that contact info.

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This website accepts no advertising, sponsorship, undue influence or personal favours. I am not selling (or buying) anything, and have no conflicts of interest to report. When I mention book titles on this site (which I do quite often if appropriate to the topic), I am not ever being paid to do so.

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