“OMG! I forgot my phone!”

Quintuple threat (actress/comedian/musician/tap dancer/awesome person) Charlene deGuzman stars in “I Forgot My Phone” — a short film she wrote about life in these modern, soul-sucking, smartphone-saturated times.   (H/T: Boing Boing]


PhD in analyzing text messages. Seriously.

My previous post here about Rev. Neil Elliot‘s PhD in snowboarding confirmed what I’ve long suspected about graduate degrees: all the good thesis topics have been taken.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Dude picked up his snowboarding doctorate from a  U.K. university: Kingston University in London. This is a fairly new school (granted its Higher Education Corporation status in 1993) but I did learn from its website that the campus is a handy 25-minute train ride from central London, which says something, I guess.

The U.K., alas, has a disturbingly murky reputation as a mecca for weird and wacky higher education goals.  Continue reading

Texting at funerals

Dr. Sherry Turkle is worried.  The MIT prof (and author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less From Each Other) told an interviewer from The Verge recently that one of her main concerns is how to get families to talk to each other at the dinner table – instead of texting. What also concerns her is that young people may think of communication as being a Like button.

“People are texting at funerals! (Only during the boring bits, they protest).  But things worth doing (like grassroots political campaigning) often require boring bits. For good stuff to happen, people need to talk to each other.”  Continue reading