What marketers should know about pitching to Baby Boomers

As a Boomer, I’m not much of a consumer, really, even though I spent most of my professional life working in corporate PR and marketing. But even when I worked for Mercedes-Benz, I preferred to drive around in a 13-year old lime-green Volkswagen that my Benz bosses made fun of.

I was keen on Reduce-Reuse-Recycle long before these trends became trendy. I don’t shop at malls. Ditto for those hideous Big Box stores. Instead, I like to visit auctions, yard sales, farmers’ markets, consignment shops and my local family-run hardware store. I believe it takes a certain skill to sniff out a truly fantastic bargain. And my shopping motto has always been:

“Any dummy can pay full price retail!”

Yet we Boomers comprise roughly one-quarter of the North American population and have some $3 trillion in buying power, although less than 5% of all advertising dollars are targeted to adults 45-64, according to The Nielsen Company. That’s why I was keen to check out this industry advice to marketers from the Advertising Age White Paper called 50 And Up: What’s Next?  Continue reading

Four myths about marketing to 50+ women

Women aged 50+ feel largely invisible to the marketing world, says Carol Orsborn. She believes that the majority of advertisers out there still have a hard time getting their heads around the fact that we make up the largest single demographic in our population, and we also happen to have  the most discretionary income and influence over other consumer segments. Dr. Orsborn is co-author of the book Vibrant Nation: What Women 50+ Know, Do, Think & Buy.

She recently addressed a new batch of bust-worthy myths about marketing to our age group:  Continue reading