And more vintage ads we’ll never see again

Ah, the miracle of sugar in one’s diet – and we can never start too early!

If only they’d used Lux to remove perspiration odor from their underthings!

This 1948 ad promised pain relief with methadone.

“She learned her lesson!”

“Easy to swallow and sanitized tapeworms!”

“Relieves exhaustion!”

“For the relief of coughs”


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4 thoughts on “And more vintage ads we’ll never see again

  1. Laughter being the very best of medicines, I say I have had my dose for the day!

    Thank you much for making me smile – Already it has brightened my day!

    Now who would have thought that heroin would have been that expensive back then?
    (Having images of well dressed ladies… strung out).

    • I noticed that heroin price too, Annie – $4.85 per oz back in 1901 would be worth about $135 per oz in today’s dollars. Mind you, a tiny bit goes a long way. Hmmmm . . . Street value of heroin is now up to $200/gram, 28 gm per ounce, that’s about $5,600 per ounce today on the street. Expensive cough medicine.

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