More vintage ads we’re not likely to ever see again

Back in the 1950s, prunes apparently made a good party even more fun!



What happened to you if you bought the wrong coffee for your hubby


Poor innocent men had to be careful around all those loose women


This guy wears a tie in bed?


“Papa says it won’t hurt us”


And with her new Kenwood Chef, she had more time to do what she’s good for!


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7 thoughts on “More vintage ads we’re not likely to ever see again

  1. No kidding!!! Notice how reluctant the little girl looks about touching it. At least someone’s got some sense.

    And the extreme level of sexism to the point of advertising with husbands spanking their wives is horrifying as well. I guess we have come a long way. Far worse stuff like this still happens, but at least it’s not advertised and the acceptable norm!

    • Indeed, an interesting evolution. And to think that some ad agency came up with that spanking ad – which was then embraced by their clients as the height of marketing wit!

  2. All Americans have to do is vote Republican and the good old days will return. Then we can all celebrate by throwing prune parties and shunning women of ill repute. Blarg, as Bridget Jones would say. Great post though!

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