“I can’t afford to be SKINNY”

A 1965 ad for Wate-On, featuring legendary movie actress Raquel Welch (then a 25-year old starlet acting in her first film, “A Swingin’ Summer”):

“An attractive feminine figure is a movie star’s main requisite. It’s the man’s way of judging a woman. An undernourished looking body with no flowing figure-line may spell oblivion to a popular social life . . . and may now be unnecessary.

“Clinical tests have proved the value of Wate-On as a food supplement for underweights in normal health whose skinny-ness has been diagnosed as not due to disease.

“Taken as directed, Wate-On can supply extra calories needed to add attractive pounds and inches and help get rid of that thin and skinny appearance.”

6 thoughts on ““I can’t afford to be SKINNY”

  1. This triggered a memory of my brother taking ‘Wate-On’ to try and gain enough weight to make the MINIMUM requirement for the Ontario Provincial Police force! Indeed! How times have changed. Thanks for the memory.

    • Yes, and that is the same period of time that Weight Watchers started for the rest of us! Then the body ideal turned into Twiggy….quite a contrast from the 1940s-early 1960s ideal.

      • Good point, Donna – and that Twiggy phenomenon happened virtually overnight, didn’t it? This Raquel Welch ad ran in ’65, but in ’66, Twiggy was voted ‘British Woman of the Year’. Must have dealt a death blow to Wate-On sales. I think I was born in the wrong decade . . .

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