“Never Liked It Anyway”: online garage sale meets self-help aisle

My favourite (and only) daughter Larissa is getting married soon, oh joy! This happy occasion, of course, means many memorable moments this year, including my best so far: our mother-daughter time spent picking out The Dress. The price of wedding gowns (in case you haven’t set foot in a bridal salon lately) has prompted Larissa to do some browsing online as well as in the shops. She’s spotted some lovely dresses for sale online (at a fraction of the original retail price) along with, of course, the explanation of WHY the selling bride is parting with The Dress.

For example, consider this online ad for a brand new, never-worn dress, offered for just $400:

“This gorgeous wedding gown was originally purchased at a Houston, Texas fou-fou boutique, and is definitely one of the most beautiful wedding gowns I’ve ever seen. It makes people cry, in a very sentimental way. Luckily, I never wore it, so there’s no bad ju-ju involved! The guy loved his video games more than me. Can you imagine?!”

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