“Sleazy example” of drug company’s reminder ad on Twitter

Twitter Levemir Ad

This is a page from Twitter.  Each of the <140-character postings in the middle column is called a Tweet, purportedly written by American racecar driver Charlie Kimball, who “partners with Novo Nordisk to prove his high performance career is possible with diabetes”.

This is what drug companies like Novo Nordisk call a “branded Tweet” and a “Direct to Consumer” (DTC) ad.  All that very fine barely readable print on the left sidebar is about Novo Nordisk’s long-acting insulin called Levemir.

The branded Tweet does not mention any benefits of Levemir because  it’s a reminder ad, which is not required to include side effect information if it does not mention any benefits. Instead, this reminder ad for Levemir lets Charlie Kimball act as the shill for Novo Nordisk.  Continue reading