Texting shortcuts for Boomers

I’m so old that my grown children had to actually explain texting to me when I got my new cellphone. As a longtime writer, my keyboard speed is impressive, but as a texter, I’m dismally slow with my thumbs.  For any of you Boomers who share this challenge, here are a few shortcuts to help boost your texting speed:    

NSR = Need some roughage

TXT L8R = Can’t find reading glasses

WWIS = What was I saying?

M = Margaritaville

WSWS = Wearing socks with sandals

GOTMG = Going out to mulch garden

NPR = Sleep aid; no prescription required

]CVG[ = Stuck in Conversational Vise-Grip

Brrr = Wearing socks to bed


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4 thoughts on “Texting shortcuts for Boomers

  1. The writer didn’t mention “WTF”, which should be translated as, “Where’s the “F?”

    (Alternatively, WTF has been known to mean, “Where’s the food?”
    BTW, Some younger texters seem to use WTF very frequently, which must be short for “Where’s the fun?”)

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