Short vs long online articles: which are better?

I’ve always been aware that the average Ethical Nag post here runs far longer than your average blog poster might choose to write.  Isn’t there, after all, some rule out there advising that a couple snappy paragraphs are best for the short attention span of blog readers? Are my readers being turned off because they lack the time or luxury to absorb 1,500 words of my deathless prose?

I generally approach writing for The Nag much like I did when I was writing magazine pieces. Start with the main theme, some solid background, some pithy quotable quotes from appropriate sources, reactions from The Culprits being examined, and finally my own two cents worth on the subject. (I can do that. Because it’s my blog).

But are my articles too long, I sometimes wonder, and thus turning off the average busy, over-tasked reader out there?  And what works best on the web: short or long-form journalism? Continue reading