Doctors behaving badly online

And here we go again. Yet another warning to doctors who decide they really must wade into social media. This warning is for those doctors who have learned nothing from the cautionary tale of 48-year old E.R. physician Dr. Alexandra Thran. She learned a hard lesson last year about the consequences of behaving badly online after she was fired from her Rhode Island hospital, fined and reprimanded by the state medical board.

Why? Dr. Thran had posted personal information online about one of her trauma patients. Although her Facebook post did not specifically include the patient’s name, she violated the patient’s privacy rights by writing enough that others in the community could easily identify the patient, according to a board filing.  Continue reading

Why narcissists love Facebook

After my 50-something sister Bev told everybody in the family that she was now on Facebook, my son Ben’s astonished reply to her was one line:

“I didn’t see this coming!”

That’s because – unlike Ben’s demographic (age 18-34, over half of whom worldwide are active Facebook users) – in my sister’s comparative old folks group (45-54), barely 12% are. At the time, his Chucha Bev was likely the oldest living human Ben knew personally who was.

Who else is on Facebook? The simple answer is a whole lot of people, says veteran California journalist Tom Jacobs, writing in his Alternet column called Facebook Linked to Narcissism. There he shared some new research from Australia that provides some less than flattering perspectives on the world’s 500+ million Facebook users. Continue reading