Top 10 Nags of 2012 from The Ethical Nag

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Yes, darling readers, it is indeed that time once again when all navel-gazing pundits whip up their Top 10 or Best Of lists for the year that is quickly passing. Let’s do that too here on The Nag.

But first, I want to say Happy New Year to all my readers, and especially to those of you:

  • who choose to share what you like here with friends, family or perfect strangers
  • who take the time to leave your astute, challenging or sometimes downright funny comments here – I love reading your feedback!
  • who follow The Nag via RSS feed, Twitter, or email subscriptions (you too can do this just by clicking the appropriate Follow The Nag buttons on the right sidebar of the homepage). I sincerely appreciate your company here.

Now here’s that Top 10 List of the most widely read Nags for 2012:

  • 2.  Waiter’s Phony $10 Tip Includes a Religious Lesson (as the mother of a daughter who put herself through six years of university toiling as a restaurant server, I was disgusted by the Christian tipping trend I wrote about here; this post’s 2012 Top 10 ranking was due entirely to one thrilling day on Sunday, November 4th that brought a record-setting 7,623 views of this post – most linked here via Reddit by similarly disgusted wait staff!)
  • 6.  Why The Olympics Are Bad Business (I wrote this in 2010 about our own Vancouver Olympics that February, but it also made the Top 10 list in 2011 and then again in 2012, no doubt due to the London Games)
  • 7.  Why Doctors Get Sued (hint: it’s not because of greedy patients and their even greedier lawyers – this article was also last year’s #9 ranked post in 2011)
  • 9.   The New Therapeutics: 10 Commandments (U.K. physician Dr. John S. Yudkin wrote these delightful rules on how to practice medicine for his colleagues, but was apparently dissuaded from publishing them due to “American religious sensitivities” until this laymen’s translation into plain English by Dr. Alice Dreger and Dr. Aron Sousa)

A number of my Ethical Nag posts were also picked up and republished as guest posts on other websites in 2011, including:

I absolutely love my WordPress stats page here on The Nag.

This is a behind-the-scenes daily web tool that lets me monitor which of my articles you are reading most often, which external links you are clicking while reading those articles, and even what search words or phrases you have typed into Google to land here in the first place. Fascinating stuff.

For example, the top referring sites last year were:

  • Google (followed way back by other search engines like Bing, Yahoo,, etc.)
  • Twitter (first time on the annual top referrers list)
  • Heart Sisters (my other blog – go visit already!)
  • Pinterest (also first time on the top referrers list)

The stats page also keeps up with the number of visits here (almost 307,000 so far). The busiest traffic day here in 2012 was Sunday, November 4th with 8,076 total visits (thanks mostly to those irate restaurant servers!)

Average daily readership has more than doubled compared to this time last year. Most of you are from the United States, with Canada and the U.K. not far behind – but I’m tracking growing numbers in 2012 from Australia, India, the Philippines, Germany, France and Singapore – in fact, over 180 countries in total!

If this website were the country of Liechtenstein, in fact, it would take about three years for that many people to see it, according to my WordPress helper-monkeys, who wrote me yesterday:

“Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!”

There were 95 new posts published here in 2012, boosting the total archive of Nags to 333 articles since I launched this site in 2009 when, as a freshly-diagnosed heart attack survivor, I first became alarmed by what’s now known as “marketing-based medicine”. This refers to Big Pharma’s pervasive influence on that fistful of daily cardiac meds that my doctors prescribe for me and for all heart patients. My 30+ year career in the public relations field also allows me to smell a spin a mile away – which I like to translate from PR/marketing-speak as much as possible for you here!

Once again, my sincere thanks to you for your engagement in what engages me, too. Happy 2013 to you all.


Carolyn Thomas – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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