6 thoughts on “Yogurt: what else could a woman possibly need?

  1. Yep—- love those ads. (grin)
    But the FDA wasn’t laughing.

    “In one television advertisement for Activia yogurt, actress Jamie Lee Curtis lounges on a couch holding a newspaper. She tells viewers that many people suffer from irregularity, and that “our busy lives sometimes force us to eat the wrong things at the wrong time.” She reassures viewers that Activia can help.”

    (As already reported here on another entry)

    • Absolutely brilliant post! So many of my prejudices justified. Your blog is wonderful, Carolyn. I’m almost inspired to go to the fridge and chuck out those lurking yogurt pots that may be slightly past their best before dates… on the other hand, perhaps scientists could test them to see whether aging yogurt contains properties that can really make me younger than springtime, or regular, or just irritatingly perky.

      • Oh, “younger than springtime” – that would be nice! Should we just slather some of that past-due yogurt directly on our faces? Thank you, Kate! 🙂

  2. Oh, sorry. I had to stop dancing while eating my yogurt just long enough to watch this brilliant little film. Now. Back to the yogurt and dancing around the kitchen . . .

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