6 thoughts on “How to deal drugs: Big Pharma’s dirty little tricks

  1. Carolyn —
    Big Pharma clearly isn’t doing good marketing about countering the perception by so many of us that it is Big Bad Pharma. How are they letting you still run your blog?,,,,,

    Unbelievable to me how much more is spent on marketing than research…. I would note that the price of developing a new drug is about the price of making an average movie… what is wrong with this picture?


  2. Hmmmm….interesting. If your interested in a fairly balanced overview of the pharmaceutical industry, I would suggest this.

    Not really a demonization of the industry, but not a glowing propaganda piece either.


    • Thanks, Adam. This video misses the point, whatever the point of the film seems to be. Comparisons to comparable big corporate revenues, for example don’t address the reality that only drug companies are financially able to influence our health, not the way we choose to ship packages across the country. Other industries don’t have the power to create marketing-based medicine. THAT is the point.


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