Warning, doctors: it’s the age of the ‘Super Loss’ malpractice suit

As I wrote here in 2009, if you want to predict what you should be worrying about tomorrow, find out what insiders are worried about today. For example, it’s ever-so-enlightening to eavesdrop on the internal reports that health care industry stakeholders are reading, where simple, dull-witted heart patients like me can find intriguing musings from the pundits paid to stay one step ahead of the prescription pad.

I found such an insider recently in the form of LifeHealthPro. This company’s website explains:

“LifeHealthPro.com is the only complete online destination for life and health insurance advisors. The site is designed to provide advisors, insurance wholesalers, CPAs, and estate planning attorneys the essential elements they need to run their practice and increase their bottom line.”   Continue reading