Stock market tip: how to profit from the swine flu scare

 flu coughThe bad news: scientists are predicting a pandemic of the H1N1 flu virus, commonly called swine flu.  The good news: you can make money from swine flu!  Jim Cramer, the nightly face of Mad Money on CNBC, suggests that stock market investors should climb aboard the gravy train that’s headed for big drug company profits thanks to anti-viral drugs. “Who do I think is the swine flu winner?” is his rhetorical query. “Gilead, a biotech company that developed Tamiflu in 1999. Gilead gets 80% of its sales from its fabulous HIV franchise. But it also earns royalties on the sales of Tamiflu.”

This is apparently how stockbrokers talk – referring to the HIV virus and accompanying drug sale profits as a “fabulous franchise”.  Continue reading