Martian report: “There is life on earth!”

What on Earth! is a 1966 Academy Award-nominated film by Les Drew and Kaj Pindal of the National Film Board of Canada.  This animated short is a quirky and satirical look at life on earth as seen from a Martian perspective, proposing what many earthlings have long feared – that the automobile has inherited the planet.  Watch it here.

Q: Were the Martians right?

It is a satirical look at life on earth as seen from a Martian perspective.

10 thoughts on “Martian report: “There is life on earth!”

      • I knew I was missing out years and years ago- Background on me?
        I live in the middle of b/f nowhere. Our old farmhouse (the same that I grew up in). I share the house with one dog, and one cat-
        … And every Spring and Fall a few of the wee rodent interlopers that the cat is here to take care of. And beside picking on the dog, that is the cat’s only job)!

        Sweetie, I can’t even get cable way out here!
        I would love to get broadband if I could.


        • It’s so rare to be able to live in our childhood home – what a lovely concept, even if it comes with dial-up and no cable. Enjoy your day, Annie!

  1. Cars are a scourge but what would we do without them? I can’t imagine living the regimented life I would need to in order not to need to make a quick trip somewhere to get what I forgot. And how would I get to all the places mass transit just doesn’t go? I was looking for work some years back and found a job opening that looked good. To get there by car was just 15 minutes. By mass transit, 1 hour 45 minutes! And this is in a major metro area!

    • Yes, no doubt about it – cars are convenient. But until 2006, I went many years without owning a car (fed up with the utter impossibility of finding parking at the hospital where I worked!) and quickly discovered that yes, indeed, it is quite possible to get around without a vehicle: on foot, biking, and public transit. Many, many people prove this every day! Once every couple months, I used to rent a car for the weekend to catch up on a bunch of long-distance rides. Depends on where you live (very important!) and how motivated you are to live a car-free life. Now I DO have a little car, and sometimes will drive the two blocks to our local shopping village out of sheer laziness!

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